3E Global Konsulting LLC provides a wide range of fraud and forensic investigative services to its clients. We provide litigation supports services to attorneys and their clients in financial transactions, civil and criminal matters. We provide fraud and forensic examination advisory services to insurance companies, banks, municipalities and corporations. As Certified Fraud Examiners and members of Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, we employ professional standards and best practice in gathering evidence; analyzing it to uncover what it is behind the numbers, and custom reporting it to our clients in plain language. We bring our background in business and financial management, accounting, auditing, technology and business process re-engineering to bear on our investigation and reporting process. We also offer fraud detection and prevention services to small and large businesses, non-profit organizations, federal, state and county government agencies.

Magnifying Glass - InvestigateForensic accounting and fraud investigative services

  • Forensic accounting and fraud investigative services
  • Financial statements fraud investigation
  • Medical and insurance claims fraud investigation and reporting
  • Collaborative financial neutral specialist for couples in divorce transition
  • Financial research and analysis for attorneys in settlements, mediations, alternative dispute resolution proceedings and trial.
  • Investigation of hidden income or assets/tracing hidden assets and incomes
  • Supplier (purchasing) and customer fraud examination
  • Construction job billing investigation and actual cost and budget variance analysis
  • Reconstruction of incomplete financial records
  • Internal controls (processes and procedures) assessment and check and balances improvement
  • Healthcare, workers compensation and other insurance fraud investigation
  • Fraud awareness education and deterrence


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Email: Edwin@3egk.com

Address: 712 Cloverly St, Silver Spring, MD 20905


Is it too early to start planning for next year tax returns? No! October begins the last calendar quarter for 2014 where individuals and most businesses begin preparing for year-end and planning for 2015. Saving time and money in 2015 preparing your 2014 tax returns require planning and organizing now.


Not quite long ago, businesses and individuals accessed the internet by dialing up via desktop computers. The fast growth of technology made it possible today to conveniently access the internet through mobile devices, Virtual Private/Public Network, biometrics and other inputting devices.


QuickBooks business management and accounting software has over 5 million users in the U.S. It is very user friendly. This makes QuickBooks the preferred software for many startups and existing businesses. Once installed on a desktop or subscribed to online, some users without accounting background do not completely setup the software before using it. This results in errors that affect data integrity. Some of these errors can be costly if not fixed.