Quickbooks Training Options

Master QuickBooks in just a one-day information packed workshop. Mastering the QuickBooks software can help you manage your inventory, track the costs of your business, generate professional invoices and purchase orders, stay on top of accounts payables and receivables, bank accounts and ensure that your tax returns are accurate, timely, and hustle-free. Mastering QuickBooks is like having your Accountant a click away on your desktop. About 4.8 million small business owners use QuickBooks. Become one today.

Don’t miss 3 ways you can get  FREE QUICKBOOKS SOFTWARE.

1. Take Our Quickbooks Class

At the end of a 1-Day information-packed class you will receive:

  • Free QuickBooks Software
  • Exercise CD
  • Certificate
  • Training Manual
  • 2 Weeks of free telephone and email support
  • Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor instruction

Training Fee: Group Rate. $249.00.     One-on-One Rate: $395

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New Business Registration

  • Have you just started or are about to start a business
  • Want to easily organize your business transaction in one place
  • Want to easily create estimates and invoice your customers?
  • Want to receive payment faster from your customers?
  • Have all your tax information ready and in one place at tax season?
  • Want to easily track your expenses and pay your bills on time?

FREE QuickBooks Software: if you have 3EGK register your business or attend our QBK Class Call us @ or email us at edwin@3egk.com

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Existing Business Accounting

  • Are you late on sending invoices to your customes and collection payments?
  • Are you having problems keeping up with your business paperwork?
  • Is your business controlling you or running your life?
  • Are you shopping for new accounting/business software?
  • Are you still using Excel for your bookkeeping?

FREE QuickBooks Software: if you use 3EGK consulting services to assess your business accounting/management needs

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Onsite Training

As a full service management consulting firm, we understand due to the business schedule some of our clients cannot leave their office for an extended period of time. 3EGK brings the QuickBooks training for your convenience to your location. Our instructor will guide you and your team from the comfort of your office. Onsite training is by appointment only.

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QuickBooks Support

Our technical support is designed with our clients in mind. You already know how to use QuickBooks but you get stuck entering transactions and need to call QuickBooks Expert. Call us. We listen to your questions and provide answers that help fix the problem. Call us today.

Call us at (301) 922-1262 or email us at edwin@3egk.com


Tel: (301) 922-1262

Email: Edwin@3egk.com

Address: 13841 Palmer House Way, Silver Spring, MD 20904


Is it too early to start planning for next year tax returns? No! October begins the last calendar quarter for 2014 where individuals and most businesses begin preparing for year-end and planning for 2015. Saving time and money in 2015 preparing your 2014 tax returns require planning and organizing now.


Not quite long ago, businesses and individuals accessed the internet by dialing up via desktop computers. The fast growth of technology made it possible today to conveniently access the internet through mobile devices, Virtual Private/Public Network, biometrics and other inputting devices.


QuickBooks business management and accounting software has over 5 million users in the U.S. It is very user friendly. This makes QuickBooks the preferred software for many startups and existing businesses. Once installed on a desktop or subscribed to online, some users without accounting background do not completely setup the software before using it. This results in errors that affect data integrity. Some of these errors can be costly if not fixed.