b4fd5b609600b675c210a1e2c93a2de1Though QuickBooks holds about 85% retail market share in small business accounting software and it is the number one best selling small business financial software; there are small businesses that are not taking full benefits of the QuickBooks accounting software usages. Also, there are still some small businesses that have not yet switched to using QuickBooks. As a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, 3E Global Konsulting provides full service QuickBooks accounting software support.


quickbooks imageOur QuickBooks services range from:

  • QuickBooks training and support
  • QuickBooks cleanup/QuickBooks Clinique
  • Desktop and Online QuickBooks set up and maintenance
  • QuickBooks Add-Ons and otherĀ  software research and advice
  • Customizing QuickBooks to DCAA Compliant Accounting
  • Manage payroll and payroll taxes
  • QuickBooks sales and discounts
  • Financial reporting and forms customization
  • Filling temporal Bookkeeper staffing needs
  • Audit preparation help
  • General Ledger accounts reconciliation and maintenance

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Is it too early to start planning for next year tax returns? No! October begins the last calendar quarter for 2014 where individuals and most businesses begin preparing for year-end and planning for 2015. Saving time and money in 2015 preparing your 2014 tax returns require planning and organizing now.



Not quite long ago, businesses and individuals accessed the internet by dialing up via desktop computers. The fast growth of technology made it possible today to conveniently access the internet through mobile devices, Virtual Private/Public Network, biometrics and other inputting devices.


QuickBooks business management and accounting software has over 5 million users in the U.S. It is very user friendly. This makes QuickBooks the preferred software for many startups and existing businesses. Once installed on a desktop or subscribed to online, some users without accounting background do not completely setup the software before using it. This results in errors that affect data integrity. Some of these errors can be costly if not fixed.